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If you’re thinking of painting your new house or repainting an old one, then I’m guessing you’re having quite a hard time since changing the color of the place you’ll be seeing every day is a huge step to climb.

You might be worried about what color should you paint it with, will your children like the color, will your friends enjoy the color, will you get bored afterwards, will the color hurt the eye, and many things like that. But don’t worry about it too much because here in Australia, you have the most trusted Painting Services available.

Royal & Co Painting Services is an Australian painting service that specializes in many things including of course, painting and repainting, removing graffiti, and many more.

But most of all, we provide color consultancy where not many other painting companies do. Our color consultancy service is for you guys who are still confused with many things about the project. If you still have many things on your mind and many questions to ask regarding your new project, you can contact us by calling or you can visit us directly. We are located in the heart of Sydney, so we are very easy to find. We’ll be able to help you put your mind at ease by consultation. You can tell us all of your worries and we’ll go through them with you. We can help picture your house with different colors so you can bring a photograph of your house’s surroundings for extra measure.

Our team is composed of friendly and professional staff who are all well-trained and highly experienced in this field.

Our painters and designers know their colors and will do anything in great measure to meet your standard and to satisfy you. Although we provide many services, our pricing is always at a fixed cost and are all at an affordable rate. So if you need to consult your colors with us, don’t hesitate to call Royal & Co Painting Services for our famous color consultancy service.

Our Team Has Completed Various Checks and Certificates for Your Piece of Mind
National Police Clearance
Working with Children
WA – EWP Operations