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If you live in Australia and need strata management in the painting and designing industry, Royal & Co Painting Services is here to help you.

As a company that’s based in Sydney, we’ve worked in many areas and successfully finished many projects including strata management.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of Australia’s most well-known painting service. Our approach to every project is not just about achieving great quality of workmanship but also to provide professional customer service by ensuring that every project is done according to your specification and complete satisfaction. So far, our clients go as far as residential, office, commercial buildings, schools, local government projects, strata, and many more. We specialize in painting and repainting, graffiti removal, wallpaper installation, and many more. We also provide strata management for strata painting and design.

Our team is composed of highly educated painters who are great at seeing and designing colors.

Our painters are all well-trained and highly experienced in this field. Their eyes are gifted with the nature of selecting colors and will not let you down. We provide various services including strata management, but despite having many services, our pricings are at an affordable rate. We also have a color consultancy if you’re still filled with wonders and questions. Don’t worry because we’ll answer all your doubts away. In strata management, there are many things to consider like the preferred color that will suite the building, will the color blend perfectly with the surrounding, and will the color attract people or send them away. Royal & Co Painting Services will consider everything and provide you with the best strata management experience. So if you need strata painting, Royal & Co Painting Services is your solution.

Our Team Has Completed Various Checks and Certificates for Your Piece of Mind
National Police Clearance
Working with Children
WA – EWP Operations